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Criminal homicide is one of the most serious possible charges under Pennsylvania law, so timing is absolutely critical. Do not risk your freedom, your reputation, or your relationships by waiting to contact us to discuss your case. The consequences of a conviction of Murder in Pennsylvania include life in prison and can carry with it the death penalty. is critical that you hire the most experienced attorneys as soon as you know you are under investigation. All homicide cases are different, but because of the seriousness of the crime, the government uses its best detectives and experts to investigate the case and its best prosecutors to prosecute the case.  They will leave no stone unturned by conducting forensic tests and taking other steps to obtain evidence. It is imperative that you hire attorneys who possess the ability and expertise to contest these charges and fight back.


Criminal homicide is the killing of another person which occurs when the defendant acted intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or with certain degrees of negligence. This offense is broken up into categories, including three degrees of murder and two types of manslaughter.  It is punished based on the mental state of the defendant at the time of the killing, which means that it is not enough to show that someone has died; the Commonwealth must also show that death occurred due to the defendant’s actions and that the defendant intended the death at some level or acted in disregard of the risk that it would occur.

At the Shaw Law Group, we handle murder and other violent crime defense matters in Central Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. We recently obtained a complete Pre-Trial dismissal of Homicide charges and in another matter, had a Murder conviction vacated and overturned because the client’s trial lawyer was ineffective. We will be representing this client at his new trial. LINKS

Our criminal defense attorney — William A. Shaw, Jr.,  — is one of only a handful of lawyers in Pennsylvania who has been certified by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to handle death penalty cases in both federal and state courts. This certification means that he has proven himself through his advocacy at trial and his results to be skilled and knowledgeable in the area of criminal defense in capital cases.

If you are facing Homicide charges, dial us as soon as possible. Call xxxxxxx to schedule a free initial consultation.

Our lawyers provide strong defense in all types of Homicide cases, including death penalty (capital) cases, first-degree murder, involuntary and voluntary manslaughter.

We Protect Your Constitutional Rights

We will serve as your shield against the long arm of the criminal justice system. We will ensure that your rights are protected, evidence is tested and that you do not incriminate yourself in any way.

Fierce Advocates At Every Stage Of Defense

We are advocates for our clients at every stage of a criminal defense matter, including preliminary hearings, detention hearings, suppression of evidence hearings, plea negotiations, jury trials, bench trials and appeals.

We are known for our straightforward, aggressive approach to defending clients against violent crimes charges and for our ability to effectively challenge the prosecution at every stage of a case. We draw on our expert resources and our legal knowledge to investigate and build the strongest strategic case that we can on your behalf. Our team of homicide attorneys knows the best defenses for each unique case, and we know how to challenge each part of the Commonwealth’s case at the preliminary hearing; through pre-trial motions, and at trial with a judge or a jury. We also have extensive experience in skillfully negotiating for better outcomes for our clients, and we have obtained the best results even in cases in which the Commonwealth has a great deal of evidence. Most importantly, our defense attorneys have a proven track record of murder cases having recently obtained a complete dismissal of a Homicide case. If you or a loved one are under investigation or facing homicide charges, you need the best defense attorneys in your corner. Call x for a free strategy session with one of our lawyers today. 

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