Police Misconduct

Police Misconduct

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Police are Not Above the Law

 The Shaw Law Group firmly believes that police are not above the law and thrives on holding those who abuse power fully accountable to those they have hurt. Our firm’s focus is on helping those who have been taken advantage of and cannot fight back on their own. The United States Constitution guarantees certain civil rights and liberties and the law provides important remedies when those rights are violated.

A violation of someone’s civil or constitutional protections is serious in any case, but especially so when it is caused by law enforcement in matters such as false arrests and imprisonment, police brutality, and governmental abuse of power. If you need a strong legal advocate to assert your rights in court after having your rights violated, we are the firm for you. We thrive on taking on powerful people and agencies when they commit wrongdoing to hold them accountable.  The Shaw Law Group strongly believes police officers are not above the law and should be held fully accountable for illegal actions. We will force accountability on those that refuse to accept it and seek damages for you. 

Police Brutality and Misconduct

Excessive force or police brutality is a serious issue. While police do generally have a broad scope of power, they are not above the law. A police officer’s motivation or intention is not controlling. Even if an officer had good intentions, but their force was unnecessary, that is still considered excessive force.

Police officers are also not allowed to arrest someone without a warrant or a valid reason, commonly referred to as “probable cause”. In other words, the officer must have a good reason to believe that the individual committed a crime. Examples of civil rights violations in this area include planting false evidence or not following proper procedures to establish probable cause.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured due to excessive force by police or you have been falsely arrested or imprisoned by the police, you may be able to file a civil rights lawsuit against them. Please call us for free consultation.    

Malicious Prosecution

The police are not the only ones that sometimes abuse their power and in doing so violate another person’s civil rights. Prosecutors sometimes engage in this practice by initiating criminal proceedings against an individual, even though they know that there is not enough evidence to obtain a conviction. The state and federal governments have virtually limitless resources, and when they direct these resources to wrongly prosecute an individual, it can be very costly for the individual financially, even if they are ultimately acquitted of the charge against them. The Shaw Law Group recently obtained a complete dismissal of Homicide charges after our client sat in jail wrongly for almost two years. That client now has a Civil Rights suit pending against the District Attorney who authorized his charge and the police officers that arrested him where he is seeking large compensatory damages for Malicious Prosecution and related matters. 

Wrongful Convictions

In the worst cases, the end result of malicious prosecution is a wrongful conviction. When someone is wrongfully convicted of a crime, it can be a devastating event. The Shaw Group recently had a Homicide case dismissed Pre-Trial and that client is currently suing the police and the prosecutor for a violation of his civil rights. He is owed damages for false arrest and false imprisonment for two years of incarceration, loss of his reputation and career. In another case, the Shaw Law Group overturned a wrongful Homicide Conviction resulting in vacation of the conviction and award of a new trial. A wrongful conviction can often mean heavy fines, extended jail time, and other long-term consequences.  In the most extreme instances, some individuals have even had their lives taken from them through capital punishment after being wrongfully convicted. 

Work Towards a Brighter Future

If your civil or constitutional rights were violated, it may feel like a wound that will never completely heal. Holding someone accountable for the violation, however, can help – as can fair and just compensation to help you cover costs for medical bills, loss of income, and other damages.

The Shaw Law Group can help you work toward a better future by learning about your situation during a free consultation. We often work on a contingency fee basis, which means you owe us nothing unless we win your case.

We Don’t Get Paid Unless You Win

We will serve as your shield against the long arm of the government. We will strive to make you whole. You owe us nothing unless we win your case!

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We are known for our straightforward, aggressive approach to representing clients and for our ability to effectively challenge our adversary at every stage of a case. We draw on our expert resources and our legal knowledge to investigate and build the strongest strategic case that we can on your behalf. Our team of experienced attorneys knows the best defenses for each unique case, and we know how to challenge each part of the opponent’s case through pre-trial motions at trial with a judge or a jury. We also have extensive experience in skillfully negotiating outcomes for our clients, and we have obtained the best results even in cases that settle. Most importantly, our attorneys have a proven track record of trial success. If you or a loved one have had your rights violated by law enforcement, you need the best attorneys in your corner to hold them accountable and make you whole. Call now for a free strategy session with one of our lawyers today. 

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