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Client was charged with Homicide for allegedly poisoning and intentionally killing his wife by secretly placing a toxic amount of crushed-up medications in her food. Client was held without bail. The Shaw Law Group believed the police unconstitutionally entered his home without probable cause, unlawfully seized and searched his electronics due to an overbroad warrant lacking probable cause and coerced a false confession. The Shaw Law Group also argued the medical evidence contradicted the Commonwealth’s theory of death and supported only an accidental death. The Coroner withheld important documents directly relevant to the decedent’s cause of death and the Shaw Law Group filed a Motion compelling the discovery of the evidence and seeking sanctions for the Coroner’s failure to initially turn them over. The Shaw Law Group filed a complex pre-trial Motion to suppress all physical evidence, the client’s “confession” and sought dismissal based upon Corpus Delicti and Habeas Corpus. The pre-trial hearings spanned three days over many months. After filing a 70-page brief, the Trial Court ruled in Client’s favor and dismissed the entire homicide case, finding the confession was coerced, the entry into client’s home and search and seizure of electronic evidence unconstitutional, and that the medical evidence did not support a death by criminal means. The Court suppressed his statements, all evidence seized and dismissed all charges. The Trial Court faxed the Opinion to the jail resulting in Client being totally discharged and released from jail immediately.

*Because every case is different, the description of awards and cases previously handled do not guarantee a similar outcome in current or future cases and may be atypical.

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