Sexual Assault Charges DISMISSED

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Client was charged with (F1) Sexual Assault, (F1) Statutory Sexual Assault, (M1) Indecent Assault – 2 counts, 4 counts of Corruption of Minors and 3 counts of Furnishing Alcohol to Minors. The Commonwealth alleged Client had sex with an underage male and provided drugs and alcohol to other minors. The Shaw Law Group discovered the “minor victim” was charged with serially sexually assaulting females and admitted lying under oath at a related proceeding. The Shaw Law Group believed the search and seizure of client’s property was unconstitutional and that her statements were obtained illegally by CYS and Law Enforcement. After filing and litigating a Motion to Suppress, the Trial Court agreed with the Shaw Law Group and suppressed all evidence seized and client’s statements to police. The Commonwealth withdrew all 4 Felony charges, 4 Counts of Corruption. Client was placed on ARD for one year for Furnishing to Minors (M2). At the conclusion of the year, the remaining charges will be dismissed and her record wiped clean. 

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